• We are a Johannesburg-based construction services company and a leading builder in diverse and numerous market segments, serving clients across South Africa.

  • We offer a full range of commercial construction services from the design and build of new developments, to refurbishment, alongside the provision of a comprehensive suite of professional services.

  • We provide a wide-ranging set of services, skills and expertise to the residencial and affordable housing sectors across South Africa.

  • Our expertise, combined with strong resources and market knowledge, allows us to ensure client satisfaction.

Affordable Housing Construction & Commercial Property Development

JJSL Vukushake Construction is one of South Africa’s leading residential, commercial and industrial construction companies, serving both public and private sector projects throughout the country in the last ten years.

We strive to build good business relationships with our Clients, ensuring that we have a clear understanding of their objectives before any of our building projects commence. This guarantees that value and excellence become a reality for both, our trusting clients and us, as the service provider.

Quality you can trust:

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